About Us

In 2015 two young local Christian entrepreneurs,

Loai & Elias teamed up to fulfill their dreams, support the local economy and raise awareness by exporting a wide range of products that define the local Christian community. These items range from religious sculptures, nativity scenes, jewelry, and much more.

Loai & Elias

Both completed their studies and began to pursue a professional career taking on more daily life challenges living on the West Bank. Tourism as the main source of income in the Bethlehem district, both saw large opportunities in the industry. They began to network with local artisans, churches, and pilgrims who would visit the holy land. Combining all these relationships, they built a model where they can support the local artisans who are living under hard conditions by marketing and exporting these items. “We are focusing on keeping our community alive whilst also maintaining a huge part of culture! We also want to give our clients the feeling of faith directly from the holy land” is what they had to say about their new model. They are determined to grow and continue providing support to their local community known as “The Shepherds Field”. In the last several years they’ve managed to expand out to several countries worldwide. As they grow and develop, they promise to continue doing what they love by bringing quality to Christian believers in all corners of the world and never lose connection with their homeland, “The Holy Land”!